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Titta who?

I’m Titta Hiltunen, a 28-year-old green leftist feminist living in Kontula, Eastern Helsinki. For me, green left values mean pursuing a sustainable world and putting an end to inequality. I’m a Master's student of Contemporary History at the University of Helsinki.

I moved to Helsinki in 2012 and it became my home instantly. I grew up in the Finnish Lapland, Kemi in a working-class family as a single-mother’s child. In my freetime, I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, going to disco, and swimming.

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It’s important to me that Helsinki is a lively city with diversity and sounds of life, as well as versatile opportunities for anyone to organise events and take part in independent, non-commercial, and active city culture.

I am probably best known as a passionate advocate for universal basic income. I am an intersectional feminist, meaning I want to draw attention and advocate for solutions of discrimination based on multiple grounds.

I have witnessed or experienced poverty, discrimination, mental health problems, and difficult phases of life. Because of all this, I am well aware how difficult it can be to receive the support you need. One of my main goals in politics and every-day life is to improve the structures of society that cause inequality. 

I also want to do everything I can to mitigate the two biggest crises of our time, global warming and mass extinction. 

As an experienced student-activist my core goals have been to promote affordable housing, means of subsistence, universal basic income, and sustainability. 

I’m currently working in a human rights advocacy organisation, where I have become an expert on human rights compliant social security and just climate transition.

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I'm campaigning for:

Right to affordable housing

  • More affordable housing

  • More good and actually affordable apartments that are suited for those living alone

  • Eradicate all forms of homelessness- everyone has the right to a home!

Sustainable everyday life

  • Helsinki must be carbon neutral at least by 2035

  • The climate needs to be in the center of all political decision-making

  • The city must act to make it easy for everyone to live a sustainable every-day life 

Right to mental health regardless of income level

  • More low-threshold mental health services

  • More short-term municipal psychotherapy services

  • Guaranteed timely and reliable help for all those in need

  • Helsinki needs to be a pioneer in mental health issues, and pay psychotherapy deductibles for those who cannot afford it themselves

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You can vote for me with the number 536!

The municipal elections are coming! The early voting is going on between 26.5. - 8.6. and the election day is 13.6.