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Titta who?

I am a Helsinki city councilor, a determined politician, and a red-green feminist, committed to creating a world that upholds the environment and human rights. I fight for mental health rights, climate-sustainable every day life, and equitable livelihoods for all. My advocacy always prioritizes the most marginalized.

My work as an advocacy specialist centers on promoting functional mental health services and adequate social security for young people. I am also a staunch advocate for human rights and fair livelihoods. With a bachelor's degree in political science and a background in political history, I have consistently worked towards advancing my beliefs.

I firmly believe that collective action can turn our utopias into reality. Everyone deserves a life of abundance and fulfillment.

I'm campaigning for:

Right to mental health regardless of income level

There is a mental health crisis underway, and it is particularly difficult for those who are socially marginalised to access help. Problems accumulate because poverty and mental health issues are intertwined.

People need a guarantee that they can get help quickly and reliably when needed. The earlier one is able to receive treatment, the more effective it is. Sufficient services must also be guaranteed for those with more serious symptoms.

Many cannot afford the treatment they need. This is a problem for both society and the individual. That is why I have already made a proposal for more accessible psychotherapy for low-income people in the Helsinki City Council. I want to continue this work in Parliament: therapy needs to be available free of charge for anyone that needs it.

Healthcare services require stable providers: employment and working conditions in the social and healthcare sector must be improved. Prevention of mental health problems is also important - we need to break the culture of overachieving.

The right to a future in a climate-sustainable world

Society must be transformed to be environmentally sustainable, in both the economy and everyday life. The change must be economically just, in Finland and globally. The most effective actions are in the hands of the state and corporations. Individuals cannot stop climate change, but we can as communities. Combating climate change and loss of biodiversity must be at the core of all decision-making.

The era of fossil capitalism needs to end. Climate targets cannot be compromised even in the slightest. The state should not support environmentally harmful activities, but rather tax them more severely.

Better livelihood for all

Economic inequality is a political choice. We can choose differently. We need feminist economic policy, not scaremongering about debt.

People need to be able to live with their imcome. However, not everyone can work or there may not be enough work. Small and uncertain incomes create uncertainty not only in the present but also in the future.

The solution is a basic income. With a basic income, we can free people from bureaucracy and the stress of falling outside of society. We can guarantee everyone the basic necessities of life and the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Basic income has been proven to promote people's mental health and participation in society.

Official positions:

  • Helsinki city councillor (2021-)

  • Vice member of the Helsinki city board

  • Member of the city board's corporate committee (2021-)

  • 1st Deputy Chairman of the Left Alliance City Council Group (2021-)